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About us

Sally Can Wait is a bar & restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan NYC, NY serving craft cocktails, frozen drinks, and elevated comfort food.

We offer a new and whimsical approach to cocktail technique paired with Miami-inspired Latin cuisine infused with Lower East Side Jewish influence.

Frozen Pina Coladas and Miami Vices are complemented by Mahi-Mahi Reubens, house made Latkes, and the best Cubano sandwich in New York. We take your favorite classics (espresso martinis and spicy margaritas) and put our unique spin on them while serving shareable food guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds.

Rounding out the experience is an atmosphere hearkening to the style of pre-prohibition New York City and the Lower East Side during the rise of its culture with the art deco/neon designs of Miami. It is your ultimate neighborhood spot that takes you away from the everyday. It's an escape

The place you get engaged. The place you celebrate your birthday. The place you hit up after a rough (or amazing!) day at work. The place you crave when you've been away from New York City for a while. The place you know you can always pop in to for an amazing bite and a delicious cocktail. Or the place you go when you just need to get away from it all.

Sally Can Wait. And so can the rest of it.